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Paper & Pulp Dictionary Glossary "K"

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 Definitions for commonly used terms, words and phrases used in the pulp and paper trade



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White clay used as an additive and filler in paper and coating made up chiefly of minerals of the kaolinite type.
Kappa Number
A term used to define the degree of delignification. Modified permanganate test value of pulp which has been corrected to 50 percent consumption of the chemical. Kappa number has the advantage of a linear relationship with lignin content over a wide range. Kappa Number x 0.15% = % lignin in pulp
An annual agricultural plant, native of India, which has along fiber in the bark that, is suitable for papermaking.

Dry Kenaf Stalks

Kiss Impression
The lightest impression (anilox and plate to substrate) possible to properly reproduce the image on paper.
Vibratory screens used for separating knots, uncooked chips and shives from the pulp at the blow tank.
Knotter Pulp
Pulp made from the rejects from chemical pulp screening.
The most common fiber used in Japanese papermaking, it comes from the mulberry tree. It is a long, tough fiber that produces strong absorbent sheets.
Kraft Bag Paper
A paper made of sulfate pulp and used in the manufacture of paper bags. It normally has a greater bulk and a rougher surface than the usual kraft wrapping paper.
Kraft Paper
A paper of high strength made from sulfate pulp. Kraft papers vary from unbleached Kraft used for wrapping purposes to fully bleached Kraft used for strong Bond and Ledger papers.
Kraft Pulp
Chemical wood pulp produced by digesting wood by the sulfate process (q.v.). Originally a strong, unbleached coniferous pulp for packaging papers, kraft pulp has now spread into the realms of bleached pulps from both coniferous and deciduous woods for printing papers
Paperboard of grammages of 120g and more, generally made from bleached or unbleached sulfate pulp and used as an outer ply in corrugated board.
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