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Paper & Pulp Dictionary Glossary "V"

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 Definitions for commonly used terms, words and phrases used in the pulp and paper trade



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V Fold
V-fold has one fold which creates two panels.
Vacuum Box
See Suction Box
Vat Machine
A paper or board making machine comprising one open ended cylinder, or more than one open ended cylinder in series, covered with fine mesh wire, which revolves in a vat of stock. Water draining through the wire leaves a mat of fibers on its surface and the ultimate thickness of the product may be determined by the number of cylinders used. The resultant web is removed from the last cylinder and then passed through conventional pressing and drying sections
The liquid part of the ink, giving it the flow properties that enable it to be applied to a surface.
Vegetable Parchment
Paper that has acquired, by the action of sulfuric acid, a continuous texture. It offers high resistance to disintegration by water and grease.
Uneven coloring of pulp.
Vellum Paper
(1) Paper finish that exhibits a toothy surface similar to eggshell or antique and is relatively absorbent for fast ink penetration.
(2) A high-grade paper made to resemble parchments originally made from calf’s skin.
(3) Social and personal stationery is often called vellum.
Virgin Fiber
Fiber that has never been used before in the manufacture of paper or other products.
Virgin forest
Forest in its natural state, untouched by man.
Viscose Pulp
Dissolving pulp intended for the manufacture of viscose.
Viscosity (ink)
A measurement of the fluidity of ink. A higher viscosity is the thicker, and the lower viscosity is thinner.
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