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Paper & Pulp Dictionary Glossary "X"

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 Definitions for commonly used terms, words and phrases used in the pulp and paper trade



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The printing process used by photocopying machines. Electric charge creates the image on an eloctro-photographic surface that works as a plate. This surface is cleared after each copy is made, and used over again for the next copy. For detailed characteristics paper requirement of Xerographic Machine, please visit Paper Needs of Xerographic Machines (A Summary) by Chuck Green
A type of hemi-cellulose in wood. Yellow, water-soluble, gummy polysaccharide found in plant (e.g. hardwood or cereal straws) cell walls; main structural components are xylose and other pentoses; yields xylose and other pentoses upon hydrolysis.
Enzyme used for hydrolysis of xylan in pulp bleaching.
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