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Graphic Arts Papers

The Monadnock family of uncoated graphic arts printing papers sets the standard for quality and value in the marketplace. These papers are made in writing, text, and cover weights, including our new double thick covers up to 200 lb.

Monadnock’s superior papermaking is the result of 185 consecutive years of experience developing optimum sheet formation, a smooth level surface, excellent opacity, and luxurious tactile qualities. These characteristics result in even ink distribution, excellent ink holdout, and limited dot gain, bringing enhanced clarity to the printed image, and the rich feel of genuine quality.

Monadnock offers a full range of pleasing white shades in both virgin fiber and post-consumer recycled content. Our premium branded archival quality lines include Astrolite®, Astrolite PC 100®, Dulcet®, and Caress®.

The printer or designer will find a paper of unparalleled printability for a wide variety of projects such as:

Annual reports
Direct Mail
Pocket Folders
Corporate Identity
View Books

The value of selecting one of Monadnock's fine papers is maximum impact of your message and image.